About Zoe Baxter

As a child I loved reading. It was a chance to escape into a magical, exciting world where anything could and did happen. I read anything I could get my hands on, including classics such as C S Lewis, Enid Blyton and JRR Tolkien, before moving on to Agatha Christie novels which I loved so much I read them all!

When I was eight or nine, I decided I would attempt to write a story myself. I created my own set of characters – a gang of multi-coloured fairies – and built a fantastical world for them to have adventures in. It took me weeks to write and illustrate, then I persuaded my mum to sew it together with string. I was immensely proud of it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually have one of my later stories published!

Star Jumpers began as a joint project with my eleven-year-old son to encourage him to take more of an interest in the world of books. We agreed on two things: the story had to be a fast-paced adventure and it had to be set where we live. My son offered to draw a map of the world that we decided to call Hadrixia – after Hadrian’s Wall that snakes through our region of England. I’m immensely proud of his artwork and every time I look at it, I’m inspired to write the next part of the Star Jumpers’ story.

Inspiration can come when you least expect it, but in the interest of accurate research I’ve found myself traipsing through the fields and the forests of Northumbria, searching for ideas, staring up at the stars, not to mention taking a very terrifying zip wire ride! I admit I prefer the world I immerse myself in at my keyboard – filled to bursting with vicious and venomous creatures breathing down my neck!

I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of the Star Jumpers. I’d love to hear who your favourite character is, or which magical creatures you liked the best. Please don’t forget to add a review on the site where you purchased the book, too.