Magical Artefacts


A wand – either a thick length of piping or a thin aerial-like contraption.

Shield of Azergrix:

A barrier between Hadrixia and the Outside that prevents invasion. Usually invisible, it’s a three-metre-high circular steel structure that guards the Portwall.

Compass of Gratenshölle:

A gold, over-sized gentlemen’s pocket watch but with extra-special features. Its lid is engraved with twelve symbols next to which are twelve indentations, one of which holds a small ruby-like stone. Inside is an iridescent mother-of-pearl clock face with a partially exposed mechanism but none of the expected roman numerals of a traditional watch. The twelve points are instead marked by an individual golden letter of the alphabet. Inside this circle of letters are two further dials – one inscribed with identical symbols to those engraved on the outer case, and the second, innermost dial, portrays tiny pictographs of random objects.

There are not two, but three, filigree needles pointing out from its central hub – one blue, one red and one green.