Magical Creatures


A water demon, elongated humanoid in shape, with sabre-like teeth and blue stringy hair that floats like seaweed in the flow of the river. They have webbed hands, purple-tinged lips and emit a curious high-pitched whining noise. Their bite is poisonous.


Cat-like animals with horns, piercing red eyes and claws like pitch forks. They hate water.


Cultivators of the land. They can grow anything; they tend the pastures, raise the cattle and sheep, and care for the Gallus. They are short, rotund creatures with a snout-like nose, red-veined cheeks and short straggly, steel-coloured hair. They have gnarled green thumbs like mouldy twigs and bushy grey eyebrows, but their most noticeable feature is their plump bottoms from which a long thick tail protrudes, ending in a fluffy green pom-pom. Most prefer tweed waist coats as attire. They live in caves dug from a limestone escarpment.


Nasty creatures that smell of horse dung and stagnant water. They hide below ground in the day but when night falls they emerge in pairs to prowl the fields, always searching for a vulnerable Gallus to slaughter. They ruin crops too. With slippery black fur and eyes like beads of coal, they are devilish to see in the dark. Hunters stalk them and sell their meat and fur.


A fierce race of rustlers. Tall, slender and purple-skinned, they are hairless, save for a purple tuft at the end of their sinuous tails.  They have mouse-like ears and useless memories, probably due to the overuse of the Theobroma leaf that instils a feeling of euphoria.


Birds the size of an ostrich, with long orange beaks and black-and-white feathers, their heads crowned with navy-blue plumage. With black pearl-like eyes, they look like enormous magpies and have a particular penchant for chocolate.


Fastest animals on four-legs.


Ape-like creatures with ragged orange fur, blackened gums and sharp teeth.


Large black birds who deliver messages across the Empire.