Leap into Hadrixia

Hadrixia is a world in turmoil. For millennia, the diverse races who called Hadrixia their home have co-existed in harmony with nature’s gifts, respecting and nurturing her bounty. However, in the space of only one generation, evil has triumphed.

The Dark Ruler Zophicus descended from the stars and set about building an army of warriors with such swiftness that Emperor Maximus Hadricus and his followers were taken by surprise and Max, and his eldest son Rufus, were forced into exile on the Outside.


Hadrixia is now ruled with ruthlessness and violence.


The new Emperor Zophicus has amassed armies of Hadrixians and magical creatures which have grown strong by pillaging the fields and gorging on nature’s bounty until there is little left. Farmers are forced to maximise their yield by sprinkling the fertile soil with a compendium of potions to increase its nutrients and yield and the overzealous use of this alchemy has poisoned the land and the wildlife that depends on it for survival and polluted the waters and atmosphere. Forests, too, have been stripped for weapons and fodder, and cattle slaughtered for their meat before maturity. Dark forces rule every corner of the land, fear occupies the shores, hatred powers the armies. Zophicus has sworn to exact revenge on all those who refuse to acknowledge his sovereignty or pledge allegiance to Maximus. Fierce battles wage across the realm.


Hadrixia’s destiny is obliteration.


But Zophicus has a solution – invade the Outside and plunder its resources, crushing all who stand in his path. The only barrier preventing this assault is the Shield of Azergrix which Maximus, by his swift actions, was able to seal in the final moments before his escape. So far it has held, but the action of securing the shield has meant that Max and Rufus are stranded on the Outside, unable to return to join the fight for Hadrixia’s survival because only Underlings are able to transmorph through the Portwall – and return.